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About Me

I am Seattle-based but you'll often catch me operating on central or eastern time (I'm clearly an early riser). My passions include travel, backpacking/hiking, and really anything outdoors. 

Fun fact: my dad is a wedding photographer and gave me Photoshop elements when I was 10 years old. I've been obsessed with design ever since!


  • Figma, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite


  • Github

  • Miro & other collaborative tools

  • Project management tools such as Jira, Trello, etc.

  • Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Keynote

  • Remote working tools such as Slack, Zoom etc.

  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console


  • Adobe Creative Awards Panelist

  • Creative A/B Tester

  • Constantly conscious of responsive design principles

  • Consistent adherence to design system & brand guidelines

  • Human-centered design

  • Advocate for proper design process & iteration

  • Comfortable with analyzing complex workflows

  • Advanced Figma prototyping

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